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ConsultAdvantage provide expert resource to retailers and suppliers in specialist fields such as Space Management, VRP and Business Analysis Insights.

Outsourcing of specialist functions is becoming increasingly popular as it allows business to access the best resources without the significant costs associated with recruitment, training, software, and headcount.

We work with our clients on a project by project, or on an on-going retainer basis and can tailor a service to meet your specific needs. While we specialise in all aspects of Space Management , we can assist your organisation in the following important areas:-

Optimised Shelf Space and Range
Shelf space and positioning are the most important determinants of sales behind price, and product quality/USP. Whether you are a retailer or supplier to retail, it is critical to ensure shelf space and position are optimised... Read full article »

Business Analysis Insight
There is a vast array of information and data available to understand and manage your business. Its important to ensure that you are reviewing the right data and making the right interpretations to gain competitive insights... Read full article »

VRP Support & Resource
ConsultAdvantage has been supplying insight and support services to the FMCG industry since 2001. We provide expert outsourcing resource to retailers and suppliers in specialist fields such as Space Management and Business Analysis Insights, and have experience in most FMCG product categories. ... Read full article »

Effective Trade Promotions
Trade promotions and discounts are a major expenditure area. Getting the best mileage out of these funds is critical. We have experience in evaluating and planning and managing promotions at various levels... Read full article »

Robust Planning & Process
We can provide the experience and resource to ensure you are are planning effectively, your planning processes are integrated, and key processes are well documented... Read full article »

Other Services

Concept to Market
Good advice from those who have done it, made a few mistakes , and ultimately been successful. If you are a start up organisation with a great product idea, we can provide practical advice on whether to / how to take your idea into the market.... Read full article »


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