VRP Support & Resource

ConsultAdvantage has been supplying insight and support services to the FMCG industry since 2001. We provide expert outsourcing resource to retailers and suppliers in specialist fields such as Space Management and Business Analysis Insights, and have experience in most FMCG product categories.

Outsourcing of specialist functions is becoming increasingly popular as it allows business to access the best resources without the significant costs associated with recruitment, training, software, and headcount.

We are now able to offer an approved resource service for Progressive Enterprises - Vendor Replenishment Planning (VRP).

ConsultAdvantage can tailor a service to meet your specific CASS or Demand Planner requirements whether it be Ad-hoc or On-Going, and can provide professional and confidential Backup or Primary support due to:

  • Leave or sickness

  • Busy seasonal periods

  • Recruitment periods

  • Other business commitments your team may have e.g. Conferences, Projects etc

  • Business headcount issues

How our VRP service works:

  • Contact us with your requirements

    a. Timings

    b. Cover Type (CASS / Demand Planner / Both)

  • Briefing & Orientation

    a. Business Overview

    i. If it is our first VRP assignment for your company, we will supply you with a format to supply us with a confidential overview of your business, products, promotions, logistics, and relevant processes. This would ideally include a 1-2hr face to face meeting

    b. Progressive On-Site Orientation

    i. We will then spend 2-8hrs with your VRP person on site at Progressive to understand your specific VRP requirements. Time required will depend on the size and complexity of your product range.

    ii. This is important even if you are an existing client to ensure current issues and objectives are understood and actioned effectively

  • VRP assignment completed & invoiced

    a. All agreed tasks completed for the period agreed and as briefed on-site at Progressive

    b. You are then invoiced directly for the service provided

Billing Rates:

  • Services are provided on an hourly rate basis. Please contact me directly for our billing rate schedule

    a. Special rates available for regular or long term service agreements

    b. Overview and Orientation charges are negotiable depending on length of assignment

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